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If you shave your body hair, you’ll spend around $10,000 on shaving products during your lifetime. You can save money and time by investing in laser hair removal with the revolutionary Icon® laser system with the experts at Still Beauty & Med Spa in Ajax, Ontario. Starting with a pre-treatment consultation to determine the best treatment regimen for your hair and skin type, your laser technician can zap away your unwanted body hair from just about anywhere on your body. If you’re ready to give up your razor, call to schedule your laser hair removal consultation today.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair uses laser energy to target and destroy your hair follicles to reduce or eliminate future growth. The treatment emerged on the beauty scene in the mid-1990s and has become more effective and efficient over the last 20 years and is suitable for almost all skin and hair types.

Today you can have laser hair removal nearly anywhere on your body including your:

  • Legs
  • Bikini area
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Shoulders

What happens during laser hair removal treatments?

Your Icon laser hair removal treatment begins with a consultation with one of the certified hair removal specialists at Still Beauty & Med Spa. They talk to you about your hair removal expectations and examine your hair and skin type to determine the most effective laser settings to remove your body hair. Your technician recommends the number of sessions necessary to permanently reduce your hair growth.

Before you start your laser hair removal treatments, you’ll need to stop waxing, if that’s your preferred form of hair removal. You need to have some hair in the follicle for the laser to have something to target since waxing removes your hair at the root. You should shave the day before your treatment.

During your laser hair removal sessions, you and your technician wear protective goggles while they use a hand-held device to direct the laser at your hair follicles. Treatment can take between 20-60 minutes, depending on the targeted body area. Most patients experience a mild sting when the laser zaps their hair follicles, but say laser hair removal is less painful than waxing.

With advanced contact cooling technology, the hand-held device helps regulate your temperature and maintain your comfort. You can also apply a cold compress or ice pack before and after treatment to keep your skin cool and comfortable.

After your treatment, you will be provided a comprehensive post-care sheet. 

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal permanently reduces your hair growth. Everyone has a unique experience with laser hair removal, and some people may need a touch-up treatment every now and then. Also, hormonal changes, like those during pregnancy or menopause, can trigger new hair growth.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser hair removal depends on the part or parts of your body you want to treat and the number of sessions needed. You’ll get a personalized quote at your initial consultation.

Call to schedule your laser hair removal consultation today.

*Individual results may vary.

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